by Fluffleberry on August 3, 2012

I am delighted to say that my baby brother Snoopz has moved back to London for the foreseeable future. He has been studying fine art in Florence but is now back and working as a portrait artist from his pad in Chelsea. He is extremely talented and has a keen eye for fashion too.

Snoopz takes clothes and shoes very seriously and is a fountain of knowledge in the field of menswear, tailoring and traditional footwear. I really admire his attention to detail and creativity when it comes to his look. He pitched up once to see me in a velvet opera coat, frilly 1970’s shirt and maroon trousers and told me he was channelling a “young Mozart”. Genius!

His other memorable looks have included pieces such as a world war one uniform and a 1920’s parasol and he is currently rocking leggings and tunic man dresses.

I’m so happy he’s back and I will treat you to lots and lots of his art work and whimsical fashion moments, starting with this shoot he did before he left Italy.

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