A different Path

by Fluffleberry on March 17, 2014


I must apologise for my lack of posting, my life has taken an unexpected turn since studying mindfulness and I now find myself consumed by my spiritual practice and studies. I haven’t forgotten about my little blog but things just feel different. I am pottering down a different path in my life.


The Best Opaque Tights

by Fluffleberry on November 4, 2013

ChattingwithMummy Conversations SeriousPramming

Jumper by Inhabit , random man’s shirt, shorts you cannot see by Joseph, boots by Alberto Zago & beloved tights by Wolford

Photographs by Nick Joelson

I love winter for one reason and one reason only, I can crack out the hard working black opaque tights and I mean in a high denier people. I think they’re slimming, comfortable and cover a multitude of sins (I have genetically less than perfect legs). In black tights I can walk tall and wear all the shorter than short shorts and dresses I have been longing to wear all summer without panicking about fake tanning, pristine waxes (you still gotta wax for tights but you can relax a bit), veins, or footballer knees. Heaven! Take this outfit for example, I do have shorts on but they’re so tiny you can’t even see them. Love it!

I’ve tried all kinds of tights but keep coming back to Wolford velvet de luxe in the highest denier possible. I love an 80 but would love it even more if they did a 100, honestly the more robust the better as tights snag, boots rub them and these little babies are so popular that they actually sell out at this time of year, so stock up while you can.

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The Tuxedo Look

by Fluffleberry on September 18, 2013

PSWalking-Balloon PSMiddle-Balloon PSLast-Balloon


I went to a Christening last weekend. It was a smart, Catholic event so I wasn’t sure what to wear. If I had had my way I would have gone with the Kate Moss in a floral dress and tuxedo jacket circa somebodies wedding this summer (a magnificent piece of church going styling), but alas the funds did not permit. I thought about exchanging the floral dress for one of my floaty chiffon numbers but the weather forecast was rain and frankly I am not quite the same shape as I was pre baby. So, lets cut this boring story short. I went with my version of the tuxedo. I know I have worn this outfit before but this time I teamed it with my beloved Isabel Marant shoes and a giant YSL bag. You’ve gotta love the YSL tuxedo jacket, as Kate Moss herself will tell you, it just makes everything better.


Dream of the Day – Jerome Dreyfuss Suzanne Boot

by Fluffleberry on September 3, 2013


After a long wait I have finally been introduced to Isabel Marant (long standing fashion crush of mine)’s husband. Well, that is in the form of his accessories line. I am fascinated by Isabel Marant and her outrageous levels of cool and knew she was married to an accessories designer but now that I know she is part of this French power couple I am even more intrigued.

Jerome Dreyfuss became a fashion designer after being inspired by Serge Gainsbourg. He saw a TV programme about Gainsbourg as a child and realised that with enough talent you can seduce any woman in the world. Gainsbourg wasn’t even good looking and had seduced Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, two of the most beautiful women in France. He says he’s been trying to seduce women with his work ever since.

All the bags have men’s names and all the shoes have women’s. Genius. I have fallen particularly hard for the Suzanne boots in green. Jerome all your hard work has certainly paid off, you have seduced me with your talent.


Attractive Bras in Large Sizes

by Fluffleberry on August 3, 2013

mimi-holliday body

Being a larger breasted lady is tricky, especially when you love fashion. Somehow my lucky little sister was blessed with gravity defying fashion boobs so can go braless with abandon, a bit like Kate Moss…sigh. I on the other hand have always had to think about clothes in terms of bra straps and whether or not everything’s riding up or poking out and now that I have breast fed, how I can best obscure sagginess. Arrggghhh!

It’s been 8 months since I stopped breast feeding and my boobs (& I’m glad to say my body) have deflated. I reached the end of my tether with ill fitting bras so decided to bite the bullet and kit myself out (a well fitting bra is important for joint and muscle health, good posture and creating an attractive line beneath your clothing). I loathe shopping for lingerie on the high street although I’d recommend getting a fitting for a place to start when trying underwear. I never seem to find pretty bras in my size, so I decided to shop online and commit to returning or exchanging bras until I had found a brand I liked and the perfect size, creating a go to site for my long term lingerie needs. In my efforts I stumbled across Demaris.

I was pleased to discover that Demaris lingerie is sexy and young and they stock a good range of sizes, from 28AA to 40GG at middle of the road prices. I needed a black set and a white set in my smaller size to form the foundation of a new underwear drawer, so classically I was drawn to this, Mimi Holliday for Demaris Whizz Pop in Fluorescent. Awesome. So relieved to be fully supported again, I’d forgotten how nice it feels and glad to know that if I ever happen to be out and about in my underwear I have reduced my risk of being run over by a car in poor weather conditions.


Colour Blocking in a Thunder Storm

by Fluffleberry on July 24, 2013


 Dress by Diane Von Furstenburg, Gold hoop earrings and African bead bracelet by La Parenthese, Skull bracelet by Venessa Arizaga and neon bracelet from a selection at Salt

Photograph by Nick Joelson

It’s hot and thundery outside so I thought I would show you the colour block dress I wore on a damp but balmy evening. Bright colour blocking is scary for me as I favour a muted, somewhat Scandinavian approach to my palette but in this dress I found a friend. I spied it years ago at a Diane Von Furstenburg sale and as soon as I put it on I knew I had to have it because, despite breaking all my rules (I rarely wear bright colours and I NEVER release my far from fashion cleavage) it offered me an instant sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Let me explain. The physical experience it provides is courtesy of an awful lot of extremely soft cotton jersey, probably my favourite material due to it’s sporty, casual, beautifully draping snuggliness. On an emotional level the soothing effects of the dress are two fold. Firstly I feel very strongly about pockets. My brother would probably roll his eyes as for him cut is everything but I just think it’s impossible not to feel at ease when your clothing has pockets. I’d just given up smoking when I bought this dress and immediately felt soothed by the fact I had somewhere to put my poor bereft hands when feeling awkward. Then of course there are the beautiful bright blocks of colour, which for some reason I didn’t find threatening. Perhaps it’s because she of the wonderful dresses chose them and it wasn’t just me adding a mass of bright colour into the mix to fulfil a trend. A trend that won’t quit people! All in all an extremely cheering fashion anti-depressant on a seriously grey day.





OMG! I am SO excited about this one. Just my favourite footwear designer and my favourite accessories designer collaborating and creating in said collaboration a new, improved version of my favourite shoes (due to them being my favourite animal), the Charlotte Olympia kitty slippers!!! I can barely contain myself, these shoes are just meant to be mine. Now if only I could get my hands on some money…


Royal College of Art Fashion Show

by Fluffleberry on June 24, 2013

RCA-Hat RCA-Menswear




As the models walked down the catwalk my brother and I were struck with the level of work that must have gone into each look and how very quickly it was all over for each student yet it was a captivating show full of fresh ideas, interesting shapes and impeccable tailoring. My personal favourites being the hats that reminded me of shimmering sea enenomes (what I wouldn’t give to shake things up in one of those babies at Ascot) and the hooded silk jackets that brought to mind the work of Stella McCartney. I longed for the mohair knitwear and enjoyed sparkling yamakas, what a thrill to get a sneak peak at the MA collections by tomorrows fashion super stars. My heart will always lie with footwear however (as you know I studied footwear and have a small obsession with shoes) so the real treat was the exhibition of shoes and accessories and it is always interesting looking at a thing of beauty when you understand more intimately what it took to create it. Much like the clothing and millenary the level of craftsmanship and ingenuity was astounding, these were not just shoes but sculptures using materials such as wood, concrete, glass and plastic, really pushing the boundaries of footwear itself. I was aware that each student brought so much more to the table than just the mastery of cobbling, and that is no small feat having to be able to draw, design, cut patterns, sew, be proficient with tools and manage all sorts of materials and machinery, no these were people who had carved, melted, welded their way into the footwear elite. Oh yeah, and the bag made of a smashed mirror with the words “your pretty face is going to hell”, bloody genius!

My pick of footwear/accessories designers to watch..

Iva Minkova

Rachel Jui Chi Chang

Fflur Cadwaladr Owen



Festival des Metiers Review

by Fluffleberry on June 15, 2013

HermesLeather HermesTools HermesMakingBag BigBirkin HermesDishes HermesSewing HermesScarves

My beautiful friend Ali told me about the Festival des Metiers Review so baby and I spent a Sunday afternoon at the Saatchi gallery, a rendezvous with Hermes craftspeople. It was a feast for fashion devotees like me and my little man was mesmerised by all the colours and trendy Hermes fans all about the place.

Different parts of the room were dedicated to different Hermes products and we watched as the crafts men and women created the all familiar Hermes fine objects, including watches, ties and scarves. Members of the public were invited to ask questions and even try some of the techniques under the watchful eye of the Hermes experts. Unfortunately due to the popularity and a big pram I was not able to get up close have a conversation with any of the craftspeople but I felt very privileged and truly humbled to be present and see them in action. My favourite part was the creating of the handbags, there on the shelves were the finished items, enormous birkin bags in all their glory and the tools with which they are made. I enjoyed this part of the living exhibiton the most because I studied footwear and felt nostalgic amongst the leather and tools but also because of this I have an insight into the work and skill involved at this level. Tres bon!


Dream of the Day – Claire Barrow Jacket

by Fluffleberry on May 28, 2013

claire barrow jacket

I would do almost anything for this leather jacket! These beautifully hand painted leather jackets caught my eye in AW 2012 when Joseph stocked them. I have tried one on but alas the price tag makes these one of a kind beauties a bit of a fantasy for now. I love the designs that incorporate roses but when I saw this I just had to share the cat design with the world.

I knew Claire Barrow was doing the painting in a collaboration with Joseph and for a long time I just assumed she was a seasoned artist and illustrator. It turns out that she was a young fashion student when she painted her first leather jacket for fun. She took a year out of her course at Westminster to focus on this new found talent and it just took off. Her jackets are a favourite with fashionistas and celebrities, such as Rhianna and she has even painted an Hermes Birkin bag. Check out this very talented artist and designer at her website for more.